About Weber Saint Gobain

About Weber

Weber is a part of an international group employing more than 4,300 people across 49 countries worldwide. Weber is an incorporated as Saint-Gobain India Pvt. Ltd. - Weber Business is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain. Established in France in 1665, Saint-Gobain is the world's largest industrial groups, with an annual turnover of 42 billion euros and 206,000 employees.

Weber - the world's leading industrial mortar manufacturer company offers a complete range of solutions developed using advanced formulation technology to meet the highest technical requirements.

Weber in India

In India, Saint-Gobain Weber is an incorporated in 2004 as a 100% subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Weber and commenced commercial operations in 2005. Saint-Gobain Weber India combines global expertise with deep local knowledge to provide solutions in tile and stone fixing, joint fillers (or grouts), sealers ,water proofing chemicals ,masonary mortars and impregnatores technical products and admixtures. We have manufacturing facilities at three strategic locations: Palakkad in Kerala ,Wada in Maharashtra and Bhiwadi in Rajasthan. This enables us to provide a quick service and highly responsive to our customers, reducing our carbon footprint. We can also provide on-job site training to contractors and applicators to educating them on the most modern techniques of construction. Our state-of-the-art plant in Wada is equipped with world-class R&D facilities and to produce innovative technologies specifically created for the Indian environment. With a wide distribution of retailers and distributors, our products reach over 50 towns in India.

Weber commitments

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Safety Films glass in CoimbatoreA strong knowledge of about our customer's job to better answer their needs

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